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The new Kino Flo Celeb LED Dmx video.

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The new Kino Flo Select LED Dmx video.


The Tegra 4Bank DMX uses 3200K and 5500K True Match® lamps and uses 2.8A (120VAC) to give off as much light as a 1000W tungsten softlight at a third of the amount of power. These lights are also flicker free.


The new Kino Flo 4x Select Led.


After the success of last year's Celeb series, KinoFlo introduces the Select Series that has the ability to change an LED fixture's green/magenta (important for fine tuning skin tones and mixing/matching light sources). They've also added these new capabilities to their Diva Lite, which now have a computer built into the back for firmware updates.


Here's a quick look at the New Kino Flo Select 30 Detachable ballast.

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An interview from the 2015 International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam with Frieder Hochheim of Kino Flo Lighting Systems, a manufacturer and designer of fluorescent lighting equipment for film, video, TV broadcast and digital imaging productions.


A look at the new Kino Flo Select LED ballast on their stand at IBC 2015.


Tom Jacob of Kino Flo shows us the new Tegra 450 DMX.

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