Green screen Image fixturesLighting for visual effects stages comes down to three rules that are the same for a small TV weather chromakey set or a multi-story movie studio bluescreen stage.

  • Light the screen evenly from top to bottom, and from side to side.
  • Light the set to the proper saturation of color.
  • Keep the background color off the foreground subjects.

Kino Flo Image 85 and 45 fixtures, as well as 4ft 4Bank Systems produce the best visual effects lighting for any size set in film and video production. To achieve the three rules of visual effects lighting, the Kino Flos need to be mounted facing the set wall at a distance roughly half the set wall’s height. For example, if a chromakey wall is 12 feet high, a row of Kino Flos generally is placed six feet in front of the wall. The same technique is true for film sets.

The spacing between each Kino Flo in a row varies, but usually the fixtures are about five to eight feet apart when measured from the center of one fixture to the center of the next fixture. The number of fixtures in a row and the number of rows used to light a visual effects set depends on how bright you want the reflected color (i.e.: more fixtures means a brighter blue or green wall).

Visual Effects and True Match Lamps

Film lighting generally needs Kino Flo Visual Effects blue or green spiked lamps to achieve the best color saturation. When lighting for film, it’s best to build a stage away from the visual effects bluescreen or greenscreen wall to avoid color spilling onto the foreground.

Video lighting is better with Kino Flo True Match® 3200K or 5500K lamps. It is more practical to light any colored walls (and floor) evenly as described above with the True Match tungsten or daylight quality lamps. If the foreground is “poisoned” with blue or green light, then Kino Flo separation lights from behind must be used to “wash” the color off the subjects.