studio01-hq450x300.jpgLighting designers looking for alternatives to conventional hot lights often design TV news sets with Kino Flo’s True Match® Studio Lighting. True Match systems combine award-winning fixture designs with Kino Flo lamps tuned to the spectral sensitivity curves of HD and digital studio cameras. No matter the size of the studio, Kino Flos display rich, balanced color quality while cutting back power costs ten-fold.

Key lighting a four-person news desk, for example, takes between three to six Kino Flo fixtures depending on the height at which the fixtures are hung, and the distance from the subjects. For side fill sources, only two Kino Flos are needed. For separation lights behind the subjects, expect to use three to six just like the number used for key lighting. The size and spacing of key, fill and separation lights will vary from studio to studio depending on the set design.

Choosing Lights for the Studio

Smaller studios with 2.5 to 3.6 meter overhead are best lighted with Kino Flo ParaBeam and ParaZip fixtures, low profile designs that can light a subject upto 4.6 meters away. ParaBeam and ParaZip 215s (fixtures using just two lamps) are the best when lighting tight spaces with ceilings from 2.5 to 2.8 meters high. Often, you are only lighting one or two people at a time on a set this small. For mid-size studios with ceilings at 3 to 4.2 meters, ParaBeam and ParaZip 415s, Image 47s and 87s and Imara S60s and S100s can do the job very efficiently in various combinations as key, fill and separation lights.