sys s30 230u
The family of new DMX Select 30 and Select 20 LED softlights marry the best of the Celeb LED’s flicker-free color and dimming controls, with the versatility and artistic quality of the Academy-Award winning 4Bank, Double and Single lighting systems. The new portable LED’s deliver the same cinematic texture, color subtleties and contrast from intimate close-ups to wall-to-wall production sets as all Kino Flo softlight systems.

Remote Select LED’s were lauded at the international trade show for their built-in DMX to control the expanded range of color temperature, smooth dimming, and adjustable magenta-green hues. The lightweight portable Select’s can mount on a stand, or operate far away from the controller when building into set pieces or gaffer taping into tight locations.

“The Select System design is based on features found in our Academy Award winning portable Kinos . . . like the 4Bank, Double and Single Systems,” said founder and president, Frieder Hochheim. He continued, “The Select LED’s produce the same quality of white soft light as our Celeb line of LED’s, but with expanded light control features that make Select’s the most versatile tools in our industry for cinema and television production lighting.”

All Kelvin-variable Select LED’s promise more lumens per watt without sacrificing Kino Flo’s signature True Match® color (CRI 95) and soft light aesthetic. New, enhanced electronics vault the Selects to higher levels of efficiency on par with the company’s reputation for excellence in design and manufacturing.

“We have added new hue adjustments in the magenta to green range to match other light sources on the set and especially to correspond better to the spectral sensitivity curves in HD cameras that vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and by make and model,” said Hochheim, “delivering, not just promising, full white light that reproduces color faithfully has been and continues to be a hallmark of Kino Flo. We got it right with our new Select LED Systems.”

The detachable, 150 Watt controller can operate a fixture up to 7.5 meters away via a lightweight head extension cable, similar to what gaffers and cinematographers do with 4Banks. Key features include dial-in variable color temperature control, magenta-green hue control to match the lights to any other light source on the set, full range dimming, and programmable 2700K to 6500K presents. Select’s are universal (100VAC to 240VAC), 24VDC, and draw about 0.5A of power, 240VAC.

The Select 30 is 101cm long and weighs 5.4Kg; the Select 20 is approximately 66cm and weighs under 5Kg. Both include built-in barn doors (grommetted), removable center mount system, diffused high output LED platen, and 90 degree honeycomb focusing louver. Following is a round-up of key Select LED features:

  • Kelvin presets and custom settings, 2700K-6500K
  • Universal input 100-240VAC; 24VDC
  • 150Watt Controller (detachable for remote control)
  • Manual and DMX dimming with auto terminate
  • Flicker-free, dead quiet operation
  • Built-in Barn Doors
  • Twist-on locking Center Mount