The ParaZip 415 and 215 studio softlight fixtures now include universal input voltage from 100VAC to 240VAC and DMX Auto Terminate.

Both models run on very little energy, yet have powerful light levels. The ParaZip 415 uses only 1.4A (120VAC) and the ParaZip 215 requires only 0.7A (120VAC).The ParaZip 415 has switching and dimming controls; the ParaZip 215 features dimming only.

The ParaZip 415 215 replace the 400 and 200 models and will be available September 2015. The ParaZip 415 and 215 come in Yoke and Pole-Op models and are complete with removable gel frame and 90° honeycomb louver. A 60° and 45° honeycomb louver are available as an accessorie.