New Mega 4Bank DMX Ballast

Kino Flo Lighting Systems have introduced a newly designed Mega 4Bank DMX Ballast.  The new ballast will features will include universal input voltage, 50% less current than it's predecessor and are both smaller and lighter weight. 


  • Universal voltage 100~240VAC
  • New 50% less amps than previous model BAL-455M-230
  • New smaller and lighter weight
  • New mechanical and internal layout
  • New rounded power switches
  • New graphics
  • New textured, smudge-proof paint

Same classic features:

  • HO/Standard switching
  • Individual lamp control
  • DMX auto terminate
  • BarFly
  • Celeb
  • Desk-Lite
  • Diva-Lite
  • Flathead
  • Image
  • Mega
  • ParaBeam
  • ParaZip
  • Tegra
  • VistaBeam
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