Honeycrate 12' x 20' Overhead 50° 4.5 Zipper Style


  • Attaches directly to Overhead Frame in seconds
  • Controls light spill
  • Fits standard Overhead frames
  • Unique hexagon shape all but eliminates sag
  • Frame edge cover with zipper opens to allow for mounting hardware
  • Folds up easily for storage
  • Includes custom carrying bag

Product Detail

The superior honeycomb construction utilizes six sides and has been incorporated into a durable fiberglass frame. The unique design all but eliminates sag and adds more lighting control in both vertical and horizontal cuts.  Honeycrates™ unique shape and detailed construction hold their shape better with less sag. The unique “slip on” mounting system makes it easy to install in about ¼ of the time.

Another original feature designed into every slip on style Honeycrate™ is the sewn in “bootie” which controls the light that normally leaks between a traditional egg crate and the overhead frame.

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